TCI-Network Oceania, in partnership with Economic Development Australia, recently hosted a special luncheon opportunity to hear from celebrated Cluster Manager Bianca Dragomir. As CEO of the Avaesen Cluster (the Valencian Cleantech Cluster) Ms. Dragomir is passionate about building fresh, bold and entrepreneurship-driven ecosystems across Europe – inspiring leaders to generate clean technology around the world. Awarded European Cluster Manager of the Year 2016 – 2018, Ms. Dragomir is the first woman to receive the prestigious prize. She is also a member of the European High Level Industrial Roundtable, and assists European leaders in developing smart, innovative, sustainable industrial strategies.

Ms. Dragomir spoke about keys ways to build a successful, world-class cluster while providing insights for Australian clusters – like AOEG – to create open, interconnected, innovation-driven organisations that leverage investments through effective collaborations.

AOEG Cluster Manager Stephanie Thornton was thrilled to participate in the luncheon, as it enabled her to connect with other people building clusters, gain a deeper understanding of what defines a successful cluster, and to meet and speak with Ms. Dragomir in person. Stephanie commented:

“As a representative of an emerging cluster, it was very inspirational to meet with likeminded people and to hear from a renowned specialist on the topic of clusters and their importance. Clusters are engines for growth and leaders for transformation. By forming industry, government and academic collaborations, clusters enable us to co-create change.”

Ms. Dragomir asserted successful clusters include the following key elements:

  • Self-sustaining business generation
  • Facilitation of entrepreneurship and ignition of innovation
  • Implementation of cross-sectoral collaboration
  • Strengthening of the domestic market
  • Effective communication
  • Strategic focus

The luncheon was a particular highlight for Stephanie, who endeavours to bring these initiatives into every activity AOEG undertakes.