Formed by a group of wave and tidal technology developers at the first Australian Ocean Energy Conference in 2016, the Australian Marine Energy Taskforce (AMET) vowed to speak for the ocean energy industry in one united voice, working to accelerate commercialisation of the ocean energy industry.

It was in early 2018 that AMET realised it could intensify efforts by operating as an economic cluster and not an industry body – providing effective means to innovate solutions, strengthen partnerships among stakeholders, and align with the industry’s focus on growth and investment. Pursuing and receiving funding from National Energy Resources Australia (NERA), we began our exciting transition.

The Australian Ocean Energy Group (AOEG) is an industry-led cluster. We facilitate collaboration amongst the ocean energy industry to create significant value for Australia. We are membership-based, seeking offshore engineering expertise, federal, state and local Government representation and market representation – although we welcome anyone eager to support our industry.

The ocean’s vast resource potential could have an incredible impact for industries, communities and homes. Through the AOEG, we strive to accelerate ocean energy projects across Australia, working towards a smarter future, together.

The following video was released in 2018. It reflects the AOEG’s vision for Australia’s ocean energy future.