Innovations in ocean energy

To be successful, all industries require supply and demand. Globally, the ocean energy industry is strong on supply, but lacks this essential demand.

AOEG plans to bridge the gap between supply and demand by defining, quantifying and ultimately creating markets for ocean energy.

As a cluster for Australia’s ocean energy industry, we are driven by industry contributions to strengthen our nation’s combined ocean energy resources and achieve decarbonisation targets.

View the latest wave and tidal projects and innovations from our network below.

Australian Ocean Energy Group (AOEG) helping build a robust, prosperous ocean energy industry for Australia.

Member innovation

AOEG’s founding technology members continue to work towards the commercialisation of ocean energy.

Technologies are being developed and trialled to harness the energy of the ocean, convert it into electricity and create energy systems. These ocean energy technology development companies are AOEG members.

Learn more about their projects here.

Bombora Wave Power

Bombora Wave Power is an award-winning ocean energy company. Its innovative mWave aims to produce environmentally-friendly, consistent, cost-competitive energy for commercial-scale energy needs in coastal locations throughout the world.

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Carnegie Clean Energy

Carnegie Clean Energy is pursuing the immense and untapped market of wave energy through its core CETO technology. With over ten years’ experience delivering projects to build capability, demonstrate performance and generate valuable data, Carnegie continues to harness wave energy through expertise, technology and passion.

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INGINE’s Wave Energy Converter (WEC) technology provides an innovative method of generating power using the whole range of wave movements. This method enables application even in shallow water, where other technologies may face difficulties.

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MAKO Tidal Turbines

Mako Energy

The Mako tidal turbine is designed to improve the energy mix at any site. Designed as a software and hardware combination, the Mako can be integrated into an existing grid. Working alongside solar PV and other renewables, the Mako helps reduce the consumption of fossil fuels during periods when other renewables cannot operate.

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Sabella is a French tidal and ocean stream turbine developer, responsible for supplying reliable turnkey energy solutions worldwide. Backed by a broad panel of experts, the company’s multidisciplinary team is committed to the development of clean, tidal energy.

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Wave Swell Energy

Wave Swell Energy has developed a world-leading proprietary technology which converts energy in ocean waves into clean, emissions-free electricity. The company’s 200kW King Island project aims to demonstrate the ability of the technology to produce electrical energy at a cost comparable to new coal-fired power plants, when installed at large scale.

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Ocean Energy Market Forum

To support our transition to a market-centric organisation, AOEG has implemented a program to include AOEG members in a series of virtual discussions with ocean energy technology developers and market representatives. This program is focused on exploring challenges associated with market development.

The aim of this virtual discussion series is to:

  • Engage members in sharing ideas, experiences and challenges related to technologies and demand
  • Provide critical input to the development of AOEG’s Market Development Showcase
  • Provide the building blocks for the annual AOEG Market Summit
  • Provide a forum for problem-solving and exchanging knowledge
  • Seek opportunities for collaborative activities which benefit the advancement of the cluster members and sector
  • Conduct peer-to-peer action learning

Other AOEG innovations

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