We Need You

Cluster structures, like ours, provide more effective means to innovate solutions to challenges in ocean energy development. Your AOEG membership is essential to creating and upholding a strong, innovation-driven, entrepreneurial ecosystem. By having you on our team, we can ensure your unique, beneficial insights are considered in future projects and initiatives.

What We Offer

Enhanced Visibility

AOEG membership will enhance your visibility both nationally and internationally, increasing opportunities to apply your products and services.

Increased Prominence

Membership will cement industry credibility and future relationships with the ocean energy community, through exposure and application of your knowledge and work in our cluster.

Practical Application

Through participation in AOEG initiatives, your expertise, core products and services will be applied to real-world ocean energy situations.

Early Identification of Opportunities

By working in the forefront of the industry as we pursue new technologies, processes and markets, you’ll be able to identify opportunities to advance the ocean energy sector early on.

New Prospects

Your participation in a critical mass enables you to engage in opportunities that are otherwise difficult when pursued independently.

Connections and Synergies

AOEG connects the entire ocean energy community, increasing your access to resources.

What We’re Building

The AOEG is built on formal and informal networks. Our partners include leading energy organisations, research institutions, innovators and small to medium enterprises nationally and internationally. We also engage with other established clusters and clean energy innovation hubs around the world.

We’re currently working to fast-track the formation of our cluster to strengthen collaboration, accelerate innovation, and increase the current market of Australia’s ocean energy sector.

If you play a part in the ocean energy community, there’s much to benefit from participating in AOEG initiatives and activities, as we help Australia move towards a sustainable energy future.

Membership Fees


Fee (AU$, excluding GST)
Ocean Energy Developers2,000
Public Agencies (Councils, States and Federal)5,000
1-4 employees500
5-20 employees2,000
21 – 200 employees5,000
201 – 1,000 employees10,000
>1,000 employees15,000
Non-profit Organisations2,000

We’d love to learn more about you, your organisation and the role you play in the industry. Contact us with your details and let’s start the conversation about Australian Ocean Energy Group membership.

We look forward to making waves in the Australian ocean energy industry together.

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