Maintaining a strong, innovation-driven network

As a cluster, AOEG and its members are working to reduce barriers to industry development — helping to accelerate commercialisation of Australia’s ocean energy sector.

A cluster is a value creation network. It connects the right people, in the right place, at the right time — leading to new opportunities and project scale.

Our formal and informal networks of SMEs, large companies, entrepreneurs, universities, research institutions, professional services and governments are essential to maintaining a solid entrepreneurial ecosystem.

By communicating with our members, we can create more effective means to innovate solutions to challenges, strengthen partnerships, facilitate commercialisation, attract stakeholders and engage in a more significant, strategic way.

What we stand for

AOEG was established to accelerate commercialisation of Australia’s ocean energy sector. We are now moving from a coordinating organisation, to one that provides opportunities to bring end users together.

By connecting markets, suppliers and technology providers, we can help prove commerciality and generate understanding of ocean energy’s value offering.

We believe in empowering our members to connect, collaborate and innovate to solve challenges. By providing a platform for business, industry and cluster collaborations, we can extend the global reach for AOEG members.

What we’re building

AOEG is built on formal and informal networks. When you join, you’re connected to a community of like-minded experts, ranging from leading energy organisations, to research institutions, to ocean energy users, to innovators, to project developers, to technology providers, nationally and internationally. We also engage with other established clusters and clean energy innovation hubs around the world.

Connecting ocean energy technology developers with end users benefits all stakeholders through expanded capabilities, business services and market opportunities.

If you play a part in the ocean energy community, you can benefit from participating AOEG’s initiatives and activities, as we help Australia move towards a sustainable energy future.

Our Current Members

Our members are essential to strengthening Australia’s ocean energy resources. We are very proud to have the support of these great organisations and individuals.

What we offer

As an AOEG member, you’ll participate in the benefits of our collaborative approach and drive for innovation.

Membership fees

Annual membership fee prices are listed in AUD and exclude GST.

The fees will be determined on a pro-rata basis calculated on the 1st day of the month of your application.

Companies and organisations

Number of Employees
1-4 $500
5-20 $2,000
21 – 200 $5,000
201 – 1,000 $10,000
>1,000 $15,000



Non-profit organisations


Ocean energy developers


Public agencies (Local, state and federal)




Become a Member

Your individual input contributes to the growth and success of AOEG’s goals and objectives — helping the entire industry achieve a collective vision.

You can facilitate collaboration amongst the wave and tidal energy industry.

Become an AOEG member.

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