Ocean Energy Market Development Summit

5 & 6 December 2019
Aerial Function Centre, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Sydney, Australia

Our Aim

The Australian Ocean Energy Group (AOEG) is hosting an exclusive, invitation-only, Summit featuring international and Australian speakers. The primary aims of this event are to establish a “customer-pull” and simultaneous “industry-push” to increase the number of ocean energy development projects contributing to a renewable energy future.

Day One, AOEG Summit, will focus on presentations and discussion around market development opportunities for the ocean energy sector with Day Two, a series of project development Masterclasses focusing on connecting technologies to markets

To facilitate more effective and efficient networking amongst the participants the Summit will be limited to no more than 60 attendees.

The Summit is held in dynamic collaboration with Oceantera, our implementing partner.

Our Objectives

The specific objectives of the summit are to:

  • Profile a range of potential markets (variety of applications) for wave and tidal stream energy generation technologies
  • Generate understanding of the requirements for the establishment of a successful and sustainable ocean energy sector, such as market applications, customers/end users, energy supply & demand profiles, infrastructure requirements, funding/finance to support development, regulatory and policy requirements, supply chain, workforce, skills etc.
  • Facilitate opportunities for global collaboration around the establishment of one or more ocean energy commercial demonstration projects in Australia.
  • Foster connectivity across a range of supply chains serving target sectors such as hydrogen production, desalination, off-grid electricity and aquaculture.
  • Align with the new Blue Economy CRC objectives to demonstrate the link between ocean energy technologies and ocean-based food producers as a potential customer segment.


Discussions held and information generated during the Summit will be used to develop two key outputs:

  1. Market Roadmaps. – Strategic level ‘roadmaps’ or ‘action plans’ for each market opportunity (or application) to help support the commercialisation of the wave and tidal stream sectors in Australia.
  2. Project Development Toolbox – Tools, guidance, processes etc to support the development of ocean energy projects in Australia.

Participants (by invitation only)

Participants will be invited from the following groups:

  • Ocean energy project developers
  • Ocean energy generation technology developers
  • Market/end user/customer representatives
  • Finance and investment
  • Supply chain
  • Government and policy (related to ocean energy and target markets)
  • Industry groups and international experts

Summit Overview

Day One of the Summit will focus on presentations and discussion around market development opportunities for the ocean energy sector with Day Two, a series of project development Masterclasses focusing on connecting technologies to markets.

Day 1 – Market development opportunities for the ocean energy sector

Day 1 will include presentations and discussions covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to the global ocean energy sector and its current status
  • Overview of ocean energy related activities in Australia
  • Market opportunities for ocean energy (emphasis on Australia with global perspective)
    • Aquaculture
    • Desalination
    • Distributed/micro and off-grid electricity
    • Energy Integration/Smart Energy
    • Hydrogen & alternative fuels
    • Maritime infrastructure, ports, harbours and marinas
    • Offshore Energy Development (Oil &Gas)
    • Offshore Infrastructure, monitoring and observation
    • Utilities
  • Accessing these markets (with international examples/case studies)
  • Linking ocean energy to the blue economy/blue growth and the UN Sustainability Development Goals

Day 2 – Project Development ‘masterclass’

Day 2 will focus on connecting technologies to markets. The day will include the following sessions:

  • Project development lifecycle
  • Project development requirements:
    • Project design
    • Business and finance models
    • Supply Chain & Infrastructure
    • Permits and consents/environmental monitoring
    • Community/stakeholder engagement

Thank-you to our Sponsors

NERA Australian Ocean Energy Group Partner

Draft Agenda

[The Summit agenda is in currently development.  Speakers and structure are subject to change.]

Day 1 – 05 December 2019

Market development opportunities for the ocean energy sector

815Registration and coffee
900Welcome and introductionsAOEG Chairman
910Facilitator Welcome
Program overview
Set the stage for the overall plan for the summitGareth Davies, Aquatera
Reserved for Primary Sponsor
Opening RemarksTo be confirmed
930Introduction to the global ocean energy sector, market opportunities and role within the Blue EconomyTo provide a basic introduction to the sector, technologies etc and an update on key projects/initiatives around the worldGareth Davies
1015Networking Break
1045Ocean energy in AustraliaTo provide an update on progress in Australia (strategic and technology etc)
Include: introduction to participating technologies
1130Powering the Blue Economy – update from the USAn update on recent work undertaken by the US Dept of Energy on the potential for ocean energy to help develop the global blue economyAndrea Copping
Each session includes:
Overview of market application including case study
Overview of market opportunity in Australia
Facilitated group discussion
Gareth Davies, Facilitator
1210AquacultureMatt Beringer & Brad Evans, Tassal
1230DesalinationAlex Pritchard, Carnegie
[Desalination Market Representative]
1345Distributed electricity; islands, remote communities and microgrids

Tom Denniss, Wave Swell Energy
Terry Mohn, International Microgrids Association
1415Hydrogen and alternative fuels European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)

Neil Thompson, ITM Power
1445Utility (main grid) electricity
[Ocean energy company]
Damien Glanville, LocalityEnergy
1515Networking break
1545Maritime infrastructure; ports, harbours and marinas (coastal protection)Luke Murray, MAKO Tidal Turbines
[Port/harbour Representative]
1615Offshore energy, oil and gasColin Mcivor, Subsea Innovation Australia
1645Offshore infrastructure, monitoring and observations Andrea Copping, US DOE/PNNL
[Market representative]
1715Day 1 wrap up

Gareth Davies
Summit Summary  Sponsorship Opportunities Available. 

An opportunity to network, share ideas, create alliances and plan for the future

Day 2 – 06 December 2019

Project development ‘masterclass’

830Registration and coffee
Introduction and plan for the dayGareth Davies, Aquatera
Introduction to ocean energy project development Engage participants in the development and implementation of successful projects.
Includes the roles and responsibilities in the project development process.
Gareth Davies, Aquatera
Project design Overview of the project design process from site selection, resource assessment onwardsAlex Pitchard, Carnegie

MeyGen Project, Scotland

Discussion group – project design
Business and finance models Provide an overview of different business models, financing options and requirements from both technology providers and customersDP Energy

Discussion group – business models
Networking Break
Consenting and associated environmental monitoringOverview of the consenting process, key challenges, variance between market applications Louise Synnot, BMT

Group Discussion – project consenting
Stakeholder and community engagementEngaging with regional and remote communities, including First NationsJim Bitomsky, Kleinhardt Business Consultants

Group Discussion – stakeholder and community engagement
Infrastructure and supply chain Overview of key requirements, challenges, opportunities in relation to different market applications TBC

Group Discussion – infrastructure and supply chain
Ocean energy and integrated energy systems – the ReFLEX project Gareth Davies and Ian Hutchison, Aquatera
Wrap up and next steps

Speaker Profiles

(confirmed to date, subject to change)

Alex Pichard, Chief Technology Officer Carnegie Clean Energy, Ph-D, CEng

Formerly system engineer and data analyst at Carnegie Clean Energy, Alex is now leading the technology development at Carnegie. Alex graduated with a Doctorate in Physics in 2010 and became a chartered engineer in 2018. Alex has been working with the engineering team a Carnegie for 8 years and has acquired over that period an intimate knowledge of the CETO technology and the wave energy industry in general. He contributed to the design, construction, installation and operational phases of Carnegie’s previous project the Perth Wave Energy project consisting in the deployment of three CETO 5 Units offshore Garden Island. 

Dr Andrea Copping, Senior Research ScientistPacific Northwest National Laboratory, U.S. Dept. of Energy

Dr Copping is the research lead for offshore wind development, and marine and hydrokinetic energy development for Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, on behalf of the US Department of Energy. Dr. Copping’s projects focus on environmental impacts from the development of wave, tidal, offshore wind, ocean current and riverine energy installations, and the role that these effects could play in technology development and project initiation. Andrea holds a BSc. in marine biology from McGill University, and a M.S. and PhD. in biological oceanography from the University of Washington. She is an affiliate faculty member in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, University of Washington, and Associate Editor for the Coastal Management Journal.

Dr. Bradly EvansTassal

Dr Evans holds a PhD in Marine Science from the University of Tasmania and has 17 years’ experience in Aquaculture research from both within academic institutions and the commercial environment. He is currently the Senior Manager of breeding and research at Tassal and is responsible for managing the Tasmanian Atlantic salmon industry breeding program and associated research portfolio, as well as Tassal’s biological research. 

Chris Lee, CEO Climate KIC Australia and Leading AOEG Sponsor

Christopher Lee is the CEO of Climate-KIC Australia. Its purpose is to help bring innovative climate change solutions to market by connecting key players across the whole innovation pathway. It focuses on systemic change, education, entrepreneurship and innovation. Chris has extensive climate change adaptation experience and from 2009 to 2017 led the development and implementation of Climate Change Adaptation programs for the NSW Government. He has degrees in Economics and Environmental Management, and has experience across, public, private and university sectors.  is career has spanned central banking, academic research, and founding a publishing business. Previously, he was Manager of Impacts and Adaptation at NSW Government.

Colin McIvor, Cluster Manager Subsea Innovation Cluster Australia

Colin comes to SICA with over 28 years’ experience with global consulting firms in engineering, resources and management consulting. Colin holds an engineering degree and PhD from Kings College, London and has a strong background in engineering computer simulation and running expert teams and applying this to technical risk management. He has spent a significant part of his career establishing and running Knowledge Management initiatives for a major international engineering company covering over 160 offices in 42 countries. He has extensive experience in establishing communities of practice, lessons learned, knowledge platforms and collaboration. He also has significant experience marrying new technology to business needs.  Lately he has been involved with establishing the Knowledge Management capability in the Australian branch of a global management consulting group.

Damien Glanville, CEO Locality Planning Energy (LPE)

LPE is an Australian energy supplier specialising in the strata community sector, providing the best low-cost energy solutions currently in the market. Damien is a co-founder and architect of the electricity retail model that successfully enabled LPE to obtain their Australian Energy Regulator Authorisation, and is also listed as the Chief Executive Officer for the Management components of the Australian Energy Regulators authorisation to retail electricity.

Dr Gareth Davies, Managing Director Aquatera

Dr Gareth Davies has worked as an environmental consultant for over 20 years. He trained initially as a marine biologist, obtaining his doctorate in deep sea biology. Since founding Aquatera Ltd in 2000, Dr Davies has been deeply involved in the development of the marine renewables industry in Scotland. In addition to leading and participating in many of the 100 or so studies that Aquatera has completed in this sector, he is an active member on the board of the Scottish Renewables Forum where he co-chairs the Marine Group as well as participating in the Marine Grid Group and has also served for 5 years on the board of the Orkney Renewables Forum (OREF) where he is currently Chair. Gareth is also currently a member of the Marine Energy Group established by the Scottish Government.

Ian Hutchison, Director, Operations Aquatera

Ian has an in-depth industrial insight coupled with a well-established marine environmental background. He is currently engaged in marine energy projects around the world and has become well acquainted with the majority of wave and tidal energy development companies through various projects. He has an excellent understanding of the relationship between marine energy development and the receiving environment.  Ian has managed the consenting process and acted as the Licence Agent for a number of wave and tidal developments at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC). He is currently leading a number of Environmental Impact Assessments for proposed demonstration and commercial scale wave and tidal developments within the Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters (PFOW) Strategic Area.

Jim BitomskyJim Bitomsky, Kleinhardt Business ConsultantsMember, AOEG Executive Committee

Jim is a business and industry development specialist.  He has an emphasis on matching market research and trends with products and services to build competitive structures.  The quality of ‘soft infrastructure’ is high in his list of priorities.  These include leadership, decision making, communication systems, information flows, institutional structures and skill sets.  Apart from corporate development, he was a pioneer in regional economic development and industry cluster formation.  He has 30 years of senior industry experience across tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and engineering industries in Australia and Melanesia, from grass roots to national levels.

Kylie Hargreaves, Director – Hargreaves International Pty Ltd and Acting Chairman, AOEG

Kylie brings a unique blend of International, Government, Policy and Commercial expertise to AOEG. She has over 25 years’ experience in Federal & State Government, including a decade working overseas in Europe and the USA. As a Senior Trade & Investment Commissioner overseas, Kylie has worked with hundreds of companies to capitalise on new growth opportunities.  Her role as Deputy Secretary for various portfolios within the NSW Government, including Resources and Energy, means she also has a deep understanding of the challenges of operating in highly regulated sectors.  A past Chair and Director on various Government Boards, a NSW Finalist in the 2017 Telstra Business Women’s Awards, and now a successful private consultant, Kylie has a track record for delivering innovative business models.

Louise Synnot – Associate Principal Consultant BMT

Louise is a marine scientist and an Associate Principal Consultant at BMT. Louise has experience in the fields of marine environmental risk and impact assessment, State and Federal approvals, and environmental management and monitoring. Louise facilitated the environmental impact assessment, monitoring and management for Carnegie Wave Energy Units off the coastline of Western Australia

Dr Mark Hemer – CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere

Dr Mark Hemer is a Principal Research Scientist leading the Sea-Level, Waves and Coastal Extremes team within CSIRO’s Ocean and Atmosphere Climate Science Centre. His research interests focus on the interaction of waves with other oceanographic drivers in the nearshore and coastal zone. His research on the climatological variability and change of surface ocean waves is regarded internationally. His work has application for coastal hazards, the potential impacts of climate change and the implications for coastal risk management, and ocean renewable energy.

Matt Barrenger Senior Manager – Environment, TASSAL Group

After 14 years at Tassal, Matt is one of the company’s longer serving employees.  His story is a classic example of the opportunities and career path aquaculture can provide. Matt’s first job was at Tassal Margate, where he worked in fish processing while finishing his science degree at university. He has since elevated his career working within marine operations and throughout the Environment and Sustainability department. He has completed an ADAS ROV offshore pilot ticket, ADAS Commercial Dive and Dive Supervisor qualifications and a list of additional tickets (ranging from computer software to environmental auditing qualifications) so long you’d need half a page to list them! Matt is now Tassal’s Senior Manager – Environment and has been involved in scientific projects both locally and internationally.

Miranda Taylor, CEO National Energy Resources Australia Leading AOEG Sponsor

Chief Executive of NERA since its inception in 2016, Miranda brings a deep and broad range of energy and resources industry experiences, skills and capabilities. Her leadership of NERA is bringing together the country’s best minds from technology, research and enterprise to achieve NERA’s vision of Australia as a global energy powerhouse, a sought-after destination of investment and leading source of knowledge and solutions.

Dr Neil Thompson, MDITM-Power

Dr. Neil Thompson started his career as an electrical engineering cadet in the Australian power industry in the 1980s before moving to radiation processing systems for the aerospace and automotive industries across the Americas, Europe and the APAC region. Neil was National Manager- Renewable Energy Systems at Yuasa Corporation; European Union Business Manager- Automotive at EGR Group and Asia Pacific Business Manager- Radiation Systems at Iwasaki Electric Corporation. In 2003 he established a private strata energy company, Silver Energy Pty Ltd that was then sold to the listed construction company, Devine Limited. Neil holds a PhD in systems engineering from QUT, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from USQ and an Associate Diploma in Electrical Power Engineering from the Queensland Institute of Technology (now QUT

Terry Mohn, Chair International Microgrid Association

The International Microgrid Association (IMA) is an industry-first organisation championing the decentralised energy future through microgrids, and intends to help accelerate the global development of microgrids as an energy solution.

Terry Mohn is a global energy expert using smart grid and renewable energy generation to address energy poverty and industrial energy reliability. He is currently CEO of General Microgrids, Inc, a global end-to-end solution provider for renewable energy technologies and transformational microgrid development; and Chairman of The International Microgrid Association, a coalition of members of the global microgrid value chain established in Perth, Western Australia. He was previously Contracting General Manager of Advanced Developments at Horizon Power, a State Government-owned, electric utility across regional and remote Western Australia.

Tom Denniss, CEO Wave Swell Energy

Tom is an Australian athlete, inventor, scientist, and entrepreneur.  A Doctor of Mathematics and Oceanography, he invented a technology to convert energy in ocean waves into electricity, founded a company to commercialise that technology (originally named Energetech Australia Pty Ltd in 1997, later changed to Oceanlinx Ltd in 2007), played professional rugby league,  a finalist in the Australian Of The Year and in 2013 set a new world record for the Fastest Circumnavigation of the Earth on Foot.   In October 2016, Denniss co-founded Wave Swell Energy with a technology expected to make wave energy commercially viable for the first time.  Wave Swell Energy is pioneering a world leading wave energy project off the coast of Tasmania’s King Island, with funding support from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

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