Project Description

Offis Multi-Cloud Services

In a continually changing and complex cloud computing landscape that virtually every organisation needs to venture into and embrace, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and CMOs have one essential question: What is the cloud strategy that makes the most business sense right now for my evolving organisation, while giving us maximum flexibility for future directions – thereby future-proofing our investment?

Offis is uniquely positioned to answer this question, provide an optimal cloud strategy and deliver on that strategy. Offis draws upon in-depth expertise to optimise and automate the provisioning of complete environments (prod, dev, test) for massive operational efficiencies, DevOps capabilities and business agility.

We design and implement future-proof, cloud-agnostic, strategies across hybrid clouds and major public clouds for maximum flexibility and control. Then, we can either train up your IT staff or manage everything on your behalf. Your choice.

That’s why Offis is trusted by some of the biggest brands in Australia and overseas. Here are a few reasons why Offis is one of Australia’s leading providers of multi-cloud services.

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