On 21 June 2020 AOEG submitted a response to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, in its DISER-logocall for input to the draft national Technology Investment Roadmap. Read AOEG’s response for full details.

The Australian Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap is intended to guide the Government’s technology investment portfolio, to reduce emissions and become the cornerstone of the Long-Term Emissions Reduction Strategy.

AOEG’s Key Recommendations

  • Request addition of ocean energy technologies into the Roadmap’s prioritised shortlist, as a source of ‘electricity generation / supply’.
  • Support development of technologies throughout the entire sector. Integrating technologies, markets, supply chain, research and education.
  • Incorporate ocean energy technologies into the Roadmap as a source of ‘electricity generation / supply’ within the context of integrated energy solutions.  (For example, integrated with battery storage and other sources of renewable energy, such as hydrogen production).
  • Government to facilitate permit consistency and streamlining for local, state and federal regulatory authorities.

To achieve even greater benefits, AOEG recommended the Government establish a Permit Roadmap alongside this Roadmap, for all emerging energy-generating technologies.

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